Monolayer Graphene On SiC

Monolayer graphene on SiC consists of a 5x5mm and 11x11mm epitaxial graphene films on conductive and semi-insulating 4-H SiC wafers.

The graphene films were developed via thermal decomposition of SiC surface in argon ambient. SiC wafers were heated via induction to high temperatures (>1400°C). The use of argon in the growth process improved the graphene film's structure and the homogeneity of the graphene layer.
monolayer graphene on sic

Monolayer Graphene on SiC Specifications

Nitride Crystals, Inc. currently offers 5x5mm and 11x1mm monolayer graphene on SiC substrates.



Parameter Name Value
Material Epitaxial graphene on SiC
Growth method Thermal decomposition of SiC surface
Substrate polytype 4H
Substrate thickness 500µm
Face Si(0001)
Sample size 5x5 mm, 11x11 mm
Surface coverage 100% covered by graphene. Sample properties are dominated by monolayer graphene.
Root mean square (RMS) of surface roughness 0.5 – 1 nm
Monolayer graphene parameters
Thickness variation 80-90% of monolayer areas
Conductivity type n type
Sheet carrier density 0.5 x 1012 - 1x1012cm -2
Mobility 4000-5000cm2/Vs