Nitride Crystals, Inc. offers the following materials:

  • Single crystal
  • C-plane 15mm and 2" AlN
  • M-plane 15mm AlN
  • High UV transparency
  • High resistivity
SiC Wafer
  • Single crystal
  • Low micropipe
  • 2" and 3" 6H SiC
  • 2" and 3" 4H SiC
Lely SiC crystals
  • 6Н, 8Н SiC
  • 15R, 21R, 27R SiC
  • Other polytypes, please inquire

Substrates for Nitride Devices

Nitride Crystals, Inc. manufactures substrates for a broad range of III-nitride devices. These include single-crystal AlN substrates and conducting low-micropipe density SiC wafers. Nitride Crystals, Inc. is also offering Lely crystals in a variety of difficult-to-find polytypes for the researcher interested in exploring the behavior of various SiC polytypes.

The AlN substrates are available in 15mm and 2” diameter for C-plane polar orientation and 15mm diameter M-plane non-polar orientation. On special order, other orientations of single crystal AlN substrates can also be produced. Aluminum Nitride wafers can be regarded as the universal native substrate for the growth of III-nitrides.

Both conducting, low-micropipe 4H- and 6H- SiC wafers are being manufactured in 2” and 3” diameters. 4” diameter 4H-SiC is under development. Currently Nitride Crystals, Inc. has no plans to develop semi-insulating SiC.

Nitride Crystals, Inc. has available a stock of high-quality Lely SiC crystals of various polytypes. The supply of the more rare polytypes is limited; however, they offer an opportunity for scientists to explore the properties of SiC polytypes that are not commonly available.