Lely Crystals

Lely Crystal

Nitride Crystals, Inc. has begun offering Lely crystals from its stock.


The Lely crystals are offered in a variety polytypes including 6H, 8H, 15R, and 27R. The quantity of 6H Lely crystals is relatively large but the more rare polytypes are in limited quantity. In addition to the polytypes shown here, other polytype Lely crystals may be available. Please send us an inquiry.


Since Lely crystals nucleate spontaneously and grow in a variety of polytypes Lely crystals are generally irregular in shape but the dimensions, as shown in the attached photographs, range from about 5mM to 10mM. Note that the photos are not all on the same scale.


Lely crystals are presently rather difficult to find and Nitride Crystals, Inc. is pleased to offer this unusual stock to researchers.